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2nd Round With Dr Rahal (1787 grafts FUE) - Fanastic Experience

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Hello all,

I have just recently come back from Ottawa and had my second round with Dr Rahal. This time working on the crown only.

My previous surgery was a FUT and the link is below:

Last time Dr Rahal mainly worked on the frontal third and the idea was to work on the crown at a later time. Over the course of last few years I had been in touch with Larissa - who is the patient care representative at the Rahal clinic - and had my pictures sent of the crown for Dr Rahal to review and give his opinion on how many grafts would be required. Dr Rahal said I would need around 2000 grafts. I did have other surgeons in mind but I was more than happy to go back to Dr Rahal given my previous experience and Dr Rahal's FUE results seemed to be top notch in comparison to the other leading FUE surgeons.

I must mention at this point that Larissa was awesome in answering all my queries and I never felt rushed in anything. Precisely the kind of service that one would expect from Dr Rahal and his team.

I arrived in Ottawa from London on the 26th of Dec and stayed at the Rahal guesthouse until the day I left which was the 1st of Jan, 2019. So a rather dry new year's day for me :)

Day of Surgery

I arrived at the clinic at 8:30AM and had my photos and consult done on the day itself. I was not able to have a consult on the 26th of Dec as it is a bank holiday in Ottawa. So I had agreed with Larissa that the consult will be on the day of the surgery. So on the day of the surgery, had breakfast and was at the clinic at 8:30 and met Dr Rahal straight away, had my pre op photos taken and then had the consult. Dr Rahal said my density is on the lower side but the hair calibre is 0.66 microns which he felt would give me good coverage and make up for the lower density. We agreed that we would aim for 2000+ grafts and if possible the additional grafts would be used to in the frontal area to increase the density (hair greed at task there).

Dr Rahal however felt we would struggle to get more than 2000 grafts. I loved his honesty and I've heard enough stories of clinics overselling and promising patients what is not achievable.

Then it was in the chair, shave of the head and extractions started. Once extractions were done, Dr Rahal came in to do the incisions. After the incisions, it was the implanting. 

Overall the surgery lasted about 8 hours and we managed to get 1787 grafts which was rather disappointing but it was expected as discussed with Dr Rahal. Also, Dr Rahal and the team wanted to be careful around the scar area (from the previous surgery) in case of extracting too much around there which would make the scar more visible if I kept my hair short. Again, they had my best interests at heart.

Special mention to Sarah who is again from the patient care team who was awesome in looking after me during and after the surgery. I can not speak highly enough of how good the whole team was in looking after me.

I've attached the pre op as well the next day pics. I'll be updating this thread with updates as I go along.






Edit 1.jpg

Edit 2.jpg

Edit 3.jpg

Edit 4.jpg

Edit 5.jpg

Edit 6.jpg

Edit 7.jpg

Edit 8.jpg

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Hello buddy,

Didn't go for another FUT because Dr Rahal was of the view, the scar may stretch out if we went for another FUT. He held that view as soon as I finished with the first FUT procedure. 

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I'm also considering Rahal for FUE but I'm worried based off a few things I've read around here. Really interested in your progress pics.

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Hello Juggy,

Every surgeon I guess will have some unhappy patients or bad results. However, my own experience has been top notch and I am hoping that the result from my second procedure turns out to be as good as the first one.


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congratulations on your 2nd procedure and for going with one of the best doctors in the world!

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Thanks home1212.

Indeed one of the best doctors in the world and his team is top notch. Just hoping the results reflect that :)

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