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Dr. Michael Beehner

1583 Grafts; 1 session; Dr. Keimun Slaughter

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This 41 y/o male presented to Saratoga Hair Transplant Center 2 years ago, and had a single hair transplant session performed by Dr. Keimun Slaughter. The front 2/3rd of the scalp was filled in utilizing a total of 1583 grafts (4427 hairs).

Dr. Slaughter has worked at our clinic now for three years and, after a one year unofficial fellowship with myself, was a good learner and possesses a true artistic sense with transplanting hair. I reduced my work load to half-time around 18 months ago and have no plans to retire from performing the surgery I love doing. I discussed this with Bill S at the Network and, in light of Dr. Slaughter’s goal to become “recommended” on this Network, he encouraged us to submit some of Dr. Slaughter’s results as these patients come back after a suitable amount of time passes after surgery. Dr. Slaughter is a facial-plastic surgeon and conducted his fellowship with Dr. Ed Williams in Albany, NY. He spent previous years in surgery residencies at Duke Univ. and the Univ. of North Carolina.

Mike Beehner, M.D.







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