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Stuff works wonders, I am seeing similar results (but also using and doing other things in conjunction) which I am documenting in my own post. I think like most meds you have to stay on it to continue benefits so at some point you'll have to decide weather its worth it or not. I personally do not want to be taking this forever o we shall see. Maybe at some point discontinue daily and take weekly or something like that. The issue with meds is the longer you use the more the chance of side effects.


Enjoy it while it lasts! as far as hair falling out that's normal.

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21 hours ago, shookwon33 said:

oh yeah please let us know. im currently taking 10,000 mg of biotin now and Im starting to think its been making my hair really strong but im not sure if its placebo or not

it was 1000mcg of biotin

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