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2000 grafts,Dr KORAY,Amed very happy

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hello, I had my second surgery with asmed on 21 dec 2018, 

2000 fue         1200 in my hair line and 800 in my crown

580 single

1082 double

337 triple

26 quadruple

In my first day in Istanbul I was so afraid and scared  but after I did my check up and I talk with Susana and Sema then I was talking with Dr Koray I was relieved and happy for going back.Dr Koray was very nice and had a very warm voice, he  made me feel confident that everything will be ok. I arrived on 18 and on 19 I had my check up on 20 I had my surgery and on 21 I flew back home.

My day of surgery I was very scared about this injection anesthetic ,but guess what?  they have new tools and you don't feel to much pain, so this was so great. I won`t be afraid to go again in the chair. before I started my surgery when I was in room the girl who wos doing the injection anesthetic she came and present her self and SEMA told me that she is working with asmed for 5 years.On the back of my chair was the microscope for checking the grafts.(VERY GOOD YEAH)this girl she started with injection and after few seconds she stop and I had to ask that`s it?????? she goes yes. I  just couldn`t believe how easy it was, and I was so scared all day for few seconds of little pain.She did al the extraction then I was taken in the foodhall.Then Dr UMUT he took care of me again and he gave me one pill (thank you) .After that  I went back in the surgery room for more injection in my hairline, and from the moment I sit on the chair I fell asleep, and I woke up I think after one and a half hour so no pain from injection, then a lady Dr came in the room and Sema she explained to me they will fill the hairline with single grafts. Next day I went for wash  then I was taken to airport.

The new clinic is amazing,  huge and very clean maybe the most nicer building I ever went or I will go in my life.I would like to  say thanks to Dr KORAY  and all his team for the way they treated me









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Really glad for you that ASMED were happy to do a touchup for free, don’t think most clinics would have done so in the circumstances. Especially with the crown work should give you a very strong looking finished product.

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35 minutes ago, VicTNYC said:


I’ll say to you what I said on @DEB1982 2nd HT thread....just for the slight redness still visible, it doesn’t look like you’ve had any procedure done, donor area looks good and healing progress looks fantastic!

Thanks, the healing was very fast and no pain and my donar area looks good

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2 hours ago, MHR84 said:

Looks on track 👍🏻


2 hours ago, FarsanUk said:

I cant find your old thread from when you first had bad result from asmed.. can you link it here?

i will try

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