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3000 Grafts - ASMED - Dr. Koray Erdogan

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my 2 cents:

3000 grafts just wasn't enough for your level of hairloss, it looks like you are a norwoord 4.5... I'm looking at your before photos, and ASMED was right, you needed 4500-5000 grafts to achieve the desired result/density... it has nothing to do with a more "conservative hairline" as you stated... but more the actual density.  70 cm2 overall surface @ 3000 grafts= density of 42 grafts per Cm2.  it looks like your 11 month photos your density is about 30 cm2...  Just curious if you don't mind me asking, why would you go down so low when ASMED said u needed 4500-5000, and u said lets do 3000?  I mean thats a huge difference. Was it a financial issue? eventually you will need to go back and get your extra 1500-2000 grafts again.  Good luck, keep us posted, I hope you get the result that you desired! 

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Shocking result, very bad mismanagement of the hairline from Asmed. You said you requested a higher hairline, but it doesn't look it, that hairline still looks pretty low to me. And if Asmed knew that 3000 grafts wasn't enough over that area, they should brought the hairline up. I had my HT with asmed 4 years ago and I am generally ok with the results (not super happy, not dissatisfied, just ok) and was considering going back for round two but all these poor results makes me think I need to start looking elsewhere. Although their staff are wonderful I don't see why they are doing 8 patients a day, that is just madness. Also I found Dr Koray can be a bit abrasive and pushy when it comes to deciding on the procedure "I know best" - yes sir you may well do, but it's my head! Should listen to the patient more but when you're pumping out 8 patients a day he's probably fed up of seeing the same questions and problems and just wants to force what he wants. If I was you, get a refund and go somewhere where the actual surgeon does the surgery.

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