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Legends HT with H n W. 2500 FUE

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This is such a detailed informative post. Legend your hair looks really good at just 4 months! I appreciate you being so blunt with the Doc and clinic, helps us prospective patients in getting answers to questions we may hesitate to ask just to be polite. Happy Growing!!

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Looking great so far! Lots of growth still to come, I for sure wouldn't worry.

My girlfriend has a 3x mirror kinda like that and it has been super useful for my post op care. Going to have to order the 15x version so I can keep an eye on my little guys

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On 4/2/2019 at 8:54 PM, Legend007 said:

Thanks for support Melvin n Sean .. its growing well enough .. I can tell it’s going to be an okay to good result .. definitely not a failure .. but I still have to wait for everything to grow n see how it blends in with native hair to know if it was worth $20,000 .. 

i luv this mirror I bought ,, 15X mirror .. it really gives me peace of mind, I can see all the baby sprouts with it .. y’all should get one ..

the one thing I’m not happy about is , how small an area $20,000 got me ..  took a pic of top view, . All to hairline .



Small area but great density. I am unsure of my own density results thus far with less than 1,600 grafts.

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