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Minixodil after hair transplant

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If the transplanted hair between natural existing hair, I could not apply it only on the transplanted hair without avoiding the existing hair.

Is it good idea for applying minixodil after hair transplant for 6 months? If yes, could I stop it after 6 months or I will suffer from hair loss especially the existing hair not the transplanted?


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1.  Throughout my career I've heard from many practitioners that the medication is systemic. That is, regardless of where you put it, it is doing what it is supposed to do.  Why do I phrase it that way? It tends to be far more helpful in the crown than anywhere else.  The problem, as I see it, all modalities are meant for you to retain.  People tend to expect.  When they see nothing, they feel the medication(s) is not working.  So, go ahead and put it one day in the crown, one day off to the side, next day in front...etc....Or just put it in the crown daily.  it is working the whole head.  Whether or not you see anything, that remains to be seen.  I would give it a good year before assessing anything.

2. To just hit the native hair/or the transplanted hair, is going to be impossible. We know the transplanted hair will stay regardless, so the hair that truly needs the med(s) is the native stuff.  

3.  If you decide to move forward with the meds, it is a long term commitment.  Why only do it for 6 months?  First, you'll notice nothing in 6 months.  Wait, you might see more loss starting out!  Your body things you are creating havoc and will shed.  Once it realizes this is actually helping, things will return back to normal. And, if you do continue, and stop, you'll go back to where you started.  You lost all that time.

With the current prices of all therapies, and if your goal is to enjoy a fuller set of hair, this should be a MUST.

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