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Thinking of a 2nd HT. Need some advice

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Hi all. I had my first HT done four years ago on front of my head. Crown area was also thinning but was still ok at the time. Now 4 years later I am thinking of getting a 2nd HT mainly in the crown area. I m including 2 photos taken 3 years back and today,for comparison. 

Based on the amount i have lost over 3 years, do you think its a good time for me to get the HT in the crown area? 

I am also thinking of getting some hair transplanted in the temple area of my forehead. I have almost lost my temple points. Also I am thinking of getting some more hair added to my current hairline to  make it more straight. This actually brings me to a few questions. 
1: Is it safe to plant new grafts close to old transplanted hair?
2: Regrowth of the old transplanted hair will be normal like my natural hair? 

I will appreciate any inputs from you guys. Thanks in advance.



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Post some pics of ur hairline .. we would like to see how the first transplant held up through the years .. also how many grafts was ur first surgery ? 

N yeah u lost quite a bit more hair on the crown .. did u not take meds ? It looks like it’s expanding .. 

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Thanks for your input Legend007. I had 3070 grafts FUT in the front. As for the meds, I tried taking FIN right after my HT, but I had very serious side effects and had to stop it right away. I have been using rogaine though in the crown area but only using it once a day. 

Adding a pic taken now and an old one ( pre op).


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11 hours ago, srm73 said:

Thanks for your input baldlivesmatter. I also think that I should be on meds but to be very honest, I am scared. I never ever in my life experienced ED problem until I started FIN. It took me a long time to get back to normal and am afraid I might get it again if I restart it.  

I can totally relate with you and for this reason I reduced FIN to 4 days a week (but now I see hair fall is still there as opposed to 7 days a week). I don't have ED, but libido is a good 80% less then before. So, it sucks to be in this situation. 

Why don't you use Toppik/Caboki in crown area.

You also said you use Rogaine once a week and form the thinning from Jan 2016 to Dec 2018, I don't think it helped at all. I also used to use Rogaine and stopped (itchy scalp/more hair fall etc., It didn't work for me)

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Thank you for your input Panamera13. Its very unfortunate that one of the main meds for hair loss has such side effects. But what can we do. I do use toppik actually. But am kind of getting tired of it mainly because have to wash it off every day. with the speed my crown is expanding, I think I wont be able to use Toppik anymore. Meaning it"ll look odd on a completely hair less surface. Thats the reason I want to get it over with using topik any more by getting the HT.

I actually havent got any answer from anyone for one of my main question that with the amount of hair loss in my crown area, is it the right time to get an HT or no? I'll appreciate any inputs.

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Well if it’s bothering u that much then make some consultations with some top docs.. n since u not in a rush n u will probably continue to lose more hair .. book it with a clinic with a long wait list. That way by the time surgery comes around months from now, u be ready .. 

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Just by observation of the photos it seems you are not demarcating down on the donor area.  That could be the Rogaine working and holding your pattern.  I once heard a doctor say that if you use Rogaine twice a day, you are getting 100% of the medication.  If you do it once, you are getting 90%.  Keep doing it particularly since you can not do Propecia.  (You may want to consider 1/2 of the 1mg every other day.  Perhaps this will help? Ask your doctor his opinion).   Have you tried PRP and laser?  Those are two additional modalities you can try.  All these work in different ways and are, thus synergistic.

With regards to your hairline, it looks good.  Too much density starts looking like a wig.  Remember, it is a transitional zone.  To be a bit thin adds to the naturalness.  Add grafts to your temporal areas?  NOOOO.  Say you do, you create a straighter hairline and then you continue receding, you may end up with a feminine looking hairline.  Guys thin out in a parabolic shape. A bit of recession, such as yours, is appropriate for a guy...and appropriate for the age.  Straight belong to children.

If you are happy with your current density, and you continue retaining, you can them move forward with the crown.  Keep in mind that this is the spherical area of the head and because of that it takes TONS of grafts and multiple procedures to achieve density.  Most patients are happy with a "dusting" rather than full density. Everyone, by definition, (since there is a whirl), will be thin in that area.  Talk to the doctor about the number of grafts he would recommend for you.

Good luck.

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