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FUE HT in Sweden Gothenburg

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Hi! I just went through surgery for fixing my hairline at a hair restoration clinic in Gothenburg called "Nordic Hair Clinic".

The clinic is quite unknown in the international market as far as I am aware but I had a really good experience talking to the staff and the clinic is right where I live so I can always go by and get help and have continuous check ups.

Have a look at my photos and tell me what you think about the surgery. I got a lot to say about it but I guess you can ask specific questions about what you want to know before I write a wall of text.

General information about me:
I am 24 years old in February.
Relatively thick blonde hair.
I haven't eaten any medical supplements for hair loss.

Info about the surgery:
The surgery was performed the 12th of december 2018.
They harvested 3000 grafts and inserted them in the hairline.
The technicians worked in a team of 3. The one making the incisions has over 15 years of experience in the field.
Cost: 53,000 Swedish crowns. (5149€)

Best regards.






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Very interesting. I know there are a few clinics in Sweden, some with better reputation than others.

Will follow with interest, as will many others. Please stay active!

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