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Hello I would like to recommend for Anatomica hair transplant hospital in Turkey. I found this cosmetic surgery hospital on a Facebook advertisement! First I touched consultant of patient Yeim and Baha they are very friendly people and coordinated very well for my hair transplantation .I would like to  say thank you for both of you. You changed my mind and touched me well! I from London contacted  to istambul by what’s up calls and sms until I arrived in Istanbul . Anatomica hospitals driver picked me up from the Istanbul airport and brought me in my hotel  it was greatfull service! Next day morning driver collected me to the hospital from the hotel . I had a short brief with a dr and presence with patients consultant, to be honest I was still with doubt to have a  Hairtransplant yes or no but they touched me well and changed my mind shortly-;) under taking operation process in a good hygienic, experienced huge team work have been done my Hairtransplant! I do exiting getting to full result and I will let you know next time again. Thank you very much for your time and consideration! I would like to say thanks all  Anatomica team -;)  

your sincerely....Gerel from London. 

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