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Looking for feedback & suggestions on clinics

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Hello everyone, 

I have finally decided it is time to get a HT I have seen great before & afters in these threads. 

I am Melbourne based & from what I can tell the surgeons here are not upto scratch or show very little before & afters. So I have decided to go to turkey for my HT

I looked in to dr Koray I was quoted around $22,000 (aud) for 5000-5500 grafts unfortunately this is out of my price range. 

So with further research I came across “cinik” after sending my photos to them they suggested only 33500 to 4000 grafts 

I have attached a photo below just looking to hear peoples reviews on dr cinik or other suggested surgeons. Also if we think 4000 grafts will be enough? 

Thank you all for your continuous posts I appreciate it. 


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What’s up with the huge influx of GET YOUR HT IN INDIA posts?


anyway, op, I’m no expert but I think 4000 should be enough for your frontal third and midscalp with a nice conservative hairline. Your crown would likely be left as is. I’d ask the clinics to give you a breakdown of the areas that will be treated with the grafts they suggest.

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