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When researching we are more inclined to look at the worst case scenarios, rather than the best case scenarios. So why do hair transplant fail? It can be a combination of poor post-op care, poor graft handling by the clinic or simply health conditions that compromise the procedure.

I encourage all of you to take sometime out of your day to read this article, please share with anyone interested in having a procedure.

Top 3 Reasons Why Hair Transplants Fail

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1.  Communication: Unrealistic expectations, hairline not where its expected, density not what expected, timeline not what expected, etc.

Most unhappy patients I see that are unhappy are due to communication. 


2.  Bad protocol: the doc, techs, and/or cutters stuck.  Hairline too low or high, artistry is bad, grafts extracted too low or high.  Any one bad thing will kill a procedure. 


3.  Lack of medication: unstable hair loss and no medication can cause a pt to chase hair as fast as they can put it in. 


4.  The rest:  Factor X, post op care, etc do happen, but I think they are generally follow these three IMO.

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Throughout my career I've worked for a number of doctors. Some unbelievable work and some not so good.  Some brilliant doctors with horrible bedside manners and others that would have patients eating out of their hands but would put grafts in a broomstick if they could.  One of the latest doctors I worked with was truly a nightmare.  When I reviewed notes in the system I noticed, without fail,  failed procedure, re-do.  Why? who knows.  This brings up a point, in addition to what has already been posted.

You could be the pioneer of hair restoration.  But, if you've been doing bad work for 30 years...guess what?

PLEASE do your research. Look at hundreds of photos and not just a handful.  Don't just call a practice and ask for the price....Go to the consultation and visit with the doctor.  Ask him to show you his work. FUT, FUE, ARTAS.Does he do PRP?  How does he do it? is he in favor of medical therapy?

Just like anything else, the hair transplant industry keeps evolving.  Things keep improving and if you are fortunate to find a good doctor, such as the ones listed on this site, you will attain a natural result. We are all limited by whatever donor we have.  Can the doctor meet our expectations?  Be realistic



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13 hours ago, PlzRespond said:

Good article Melvin. Just wondering...how does hypertension affect graft survival?

Hypertension can affect blood supply to the scalp, which may hinder growth. However, this does not occur if the hypertension is controlled with the use of medications.

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