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Hello everyone, I want to thank the organizers for the information provided on this site !  After 27 years of hair-loss, it has helped me with my decision.  

My other reason for posting is to provide information to others as I had gotten myself.  Special thanks to Mark (This site member - Skeeter) for sharing his personal story.  

Here are a several people & sources that helped me choose Dr Gabel for my procedure:

1) Dr Konior, Chicago Hair Institue - Dr Konior introduced me to Dr Gabel 

2) Mark (Skeeter) -  Blog:  "Fue with Dr Gabel"

3) Dan,  His experience with Dr Gabel: https://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=171239891&page=1

4) Chris,   His experience with Dr Gabel: http://www.hairlossfromsteroids.com/ 


About my experience with Dr Gabel:  

Many on this site have already said positive things in other posts & I don't want to repeat,  however, now that I had my personal experience, I can tell you he is by far the best HT doctor there is.  He has the confidence that puts a patient right at ease, he is passionate, totally enjoys what he does, & his results speak for them selves..  

I had several consultations with Dr Gabel, one online & the other in person.  For the one in person, Dr Gabel was nice enough to came in to the office on a Saturday to see me.  On the day of the surgery, I came in & did not know what to expect.  However, what I found was that I did not have to,  Dr Gabel & his crew already had everything covered..    

The surgery lasted 12 hours.  Dr Gabel was very meticulous in every aspect of the surgery.  He is an artist & I felt very comfortable through out.

Number of Total Grafts: 2010 

1-Hair = 177

2-Hair = 773

3-Hair = 829

4-Hair = 231

About my experience with Dr Gabel's team: 

His staff are top notch & all perform their duties as a finely tuned machine, always in sync, extremely skillful, friendly, & nice.  From the lady greeting me in the front,  to all the assistants that help with pre & post surgery.

If you are thinking about getting a HT, Dr Gabel is the real deal.

I'm on my 1st day of post op,  currently sitting at the hotel, healing, resting & figured I post my experience.  I will be providing pictures in a couple of weeks.

Thank you





One day post op:



Status Update 11-22/2018

Day 8 Post OP,  I had a bit of an issue with scabs, I misread the DAY 7/8 care instructions. (Was not soaking/washing properly). 

Dr Gabel & Eileen came in Thanksgiving day to see me & fix me up !!!!!


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Hi Kelmf01,


Looks like everything went very well. The work looks beautiful and clean. The density looks  fantastic. I think you are going to be really happy with Dr. Gabel’s work. 

Im glad everything went smoothly for you!

This will be a great result, 

Keep posting pictures, it’s fun to watch the progression!



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Dr Gabel performed all the extractions and created all the slits.  He and his technicians placed the grafts.  After all was complete, Dr Gabel did a final walkthrough, moving things around, perfecting the work.  This is one example why I feel he is an artist with a surgical instrument in hand  vs a paint brush.  


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Three weeks post up,  the little transplanted hairs did not continue to grow, but instead shedding has begun, I'm in the ugly duckling stage..  :(  (Sucks, but I knew it could come)  This is where the 3  month waiting begins & I say hello to my baseball hat. 

If anyone has a suggestion for a nice looking/feeling hat to wear to work let me know ?   Will provide photo's in month or two. 


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Meticulous to the core! AND he does his own extractions which is awesome.  Most clinics will have someone else other than the doctor do them.  A shame. I am aware the Doctor has a new location and, based on the photo  of the reception area, I am sure it is amazing and welcoming.  I've met with the doctor plenty of times and his work is outrageously good.  Nice work Doc!

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Dr. Gabel, is one of the best, such a genuinely nice guy. Please keep us updated on your progress. 

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Can you provide more details regarding the issue u had where the doctor had to see you on thanksgiving?

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I had a problem with scabs and scalp crust. (Bruising and dryness on scalp).  Everyone gets this after any kind of bruising.  Surgery brings such a reaction.   I misread the post instructions to clean this up on my own.  Dr Gabel came in on Thanksgiving to see me.  He used a metal comb moving it carefully side to side and removed the troubled areas.  


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