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Hair transplant surgery result during 1 year follow up on advance hair loss client of Norwood 5/6 by Dr. Diep after 4,983 hair grafts transplanted from the frontal to the back. 

Hair Grafts Break Down of 4,983 hair grafts:

One hair roots: 746 hair grafts

Two hair roots: 2,601 hair grafts

Three hair roots: 1,125 hair grafts

Four hair roots: 511 hair grafts

Total hair grafts: 4,983 hair grafts

To view this client more in detail, please click on the following Youtube video link  












Edited by Dr. John Diep

Dr. John Diep is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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10/10 results, looks like totally full head of hair now


good aggressive hairline with solid density. Does this gentleman have much left in terms of donor reserves for future? do you think he has another 4000 grafts? Only thing I would worry for him is if the sides and crown drop. Excellent hair traits (thick, coarse hair) help a lot

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