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Visit to The Gabel Hair Center in Oregon

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I wanted to let everyone know about Gabel Hair Center in Tigard Oregon (Portland) I found Dr. Gabel on line, and after a terrible botched job from a coupe of other clinics, I flew out to consult with him. I want to let everyone know that this is a state of the art facility, and one of the best doctors I have ever worked with. Dr Gable fixed a badly botched beard transplant, and terrible scar on the back of my head. He again is one of the best hair/beard transplant doctors I have ben been to. He is a professional, and his staff is friendly, caring, and fun. His facility is state of the art, and he provides information on the procedure, including a report on how many grafts he used, along with amazing follow up care! I think there are a lot of other clinics that tell you things, and then don't follow through.

The Gabel Hair Center is FIRST CLASS the whole way. He fixed a terribly botched transplant job and made me look whole again. I had been to several other clinics, and had one disaster after another. Dr Gable fixed ALL of the other so called transplants from the other clinics.  He is the REAL DEAL , and is by far THE most ethical and talented hair trans[plant doctors in the industry. He also painstakingly did ALL of the work himself. I did not have a technician show up and do all of the work like other clinics do. If you want first class care and service The Gable Hair Center in Tigard OR is the way to go. He will get it right the first time, and do the transplant the right and ethical way! His staff is also one of the nicest, caring, fun, groups that I have encountered. Dr. Gable and his team changed my life, and I am grateful. It was worth every penny, and I wish that I had used him first!

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Nice to hear that you are content with the result. Happy for you.

Can you share some before-after photos, please?

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