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Question About Emergence of Grafts

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I have a quick question that I think might be good to know for people who have recently undergone hair transplant like myself. I am wondering why, if most of the transplanted hair shed around the first month, do they not start to break through the scalp and start growing at the same time? It seems weird that some hairs will remain in the telogen stage for several more months, while some instantly emerge out of the scalp at the usual 3-4 month mark. Existing literature on hair transplant says that at the 6 month mark, only 50% of grafts will have emerged from the scalp. So the dormant follicles are idling around in the scalp doing what? How could they stay in the rest phase so long! 


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Generally speaking, hair follicles rest for approximately 3-4 months before entering a new growth cycle.

Not all of the transplanted follicles go into a resting phase right away...some remain in the growth phase post-op but eventually will go dormant...this is why it takes up to 12 months to see a full matured result.


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