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Scared to touch recipient area!

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Okay so I’m 10 days post FUE. And I have small scabs and redness on my recipient area. 

I know that by removing the scabs it will reduce the redness however I’m being a wimp and I scared about touching the recipient site whilst washing. 


Is it same to physically massage the area now?



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Do whatever your Dr. said.  But, I was rubbing up a lather with my shampoo on the 5th day or so and just laying it on there for like 20 minutes, twice a day.  Then gently pouring water over it to rinse.  7th day, shampoo'd it and gently massaged with my finger pads.  Been doing that ever since and yesterday was 2 weeks.  Dont pick the scabs, let them get nice and wet and shampoo your head, let it sit then massage the recipient area.  Itll come off within 2-3 showers.

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I’ve been advised to wash every 2 days. 

Thanks for your reply. I will try that tonight. 

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You’re going to be fine.  When I began showering I actually rubbed a bit too hard.  The grafts were just fine but because my recipient area was so numb, I couldn’t feel the scabs actually scratching my head as I rubbed them fairly aggressively.  Be careful, be gentle, and let the shampoo, shower water pressure, and natural healing cause the scabs to drop off.  Best of luck to you.

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