I am Dr. Tasvir Barol, an orthopaedic surgeon practising in Gujarat. I received the hair restoration surgery from the Medispa, Jaipur clinic. Being a surgeon, I can understand the value of performing a surgical procedure, especially when it comes for the plastic & cosmetic surgeries. The hair transplant procedure is the combined process of science and an art that needs an extreme precision and perfection, especially making the hairline design and the slit creating step. I felt it is good to jot response and experience of the taken procedure like hair transplant as it helps many to find out the best clinics and surgeons. It is really very frustrating that someone experiencing the severe hair loss and looking for the treatment here and there. The research part of the surgery has a great role in finding the best one that assures about the best results. It’s a long read, but if someone considering doing this, is worth reading! I’m 34-year-old and holds the surgical experience in orthopaedic surgery, but the cosmetic surgery procedure was always been a tough task for me and so I chosen my career path other than the cosmetic surgery. It needs experience along with the expertise and that makes a surgeon apart from rest of the surgeons or Doctors. And, Dr Suneet Soni has that level of artistic skills and surgical knowledge that subsequently helps in meeting the desired aesthetic goal of the surgery. My hairline had been receding for years now. Forehead got larger and larger. Then my existing hair began thinning progressively and I began to think about hair transplant. I think that was about 3-4 years ago. It was, of course, a challenging and time-consuming job to deal about the differentiation between good and the best. But, as a Doctor I have been some good interaction with the best surgeons and doctors and I got to know that Dr Suneet is the best one for the restoration procedure. I have visited some of them international seminars organized in the ISAPS & IAHRS and make my mind that whenever I receive the surgery, it will be Dr Soni. As a Doctor, I have this much idea about the technique that which one is better in terms of permanent results and so I stumbled across FUT technique and was like, okay, I think I can deal with that. Initially, I made the call and get the appointment date and then visited the clinic. I got satisfied with the online research but also did the offline search by meeting past patients and seen their received results. Finally proceed with the Medispa, Jaipur. I also looked for the international options, but the cost of the procedure was so high. I figured everything is reasonable in India and this thing made my conviction with Medispa choice. So why not go with our best results. I found medical tourism in India has also a blooming hike and many people across the globe used to visit India to get the procedure done.  My Procedure experience with Dr Suneet Soni: I did the schedule for approx. 3000 grafts, to the top and front part of the scalp and I am excited and nervous both in the same time! Looking at the future I am excited to see what it brings me with a new full head of hair. I have tried to keep you guys all updated with my received outcomes so that people can use me as a resource if they want. Attached are the pictures that I sent the doctor before the surgery, so you can see where my progression started at. I am fortunate that I have been a good donor candidate who received the expected high-density hair transplants. I have attached also the post-op pictures that confirm my saying with the valid output. The overall procedure experience with FUT technique was quite satisfactory and I received a painless procedure as they have given me the local anaesthesia. The scar is needless to say become invisible due to trichophytic closure. I must vote to Dr Suneet and the entire Medispa team.