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Growing hair back? - The Big 3 ++ Journey

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Amazing...hope the new hair keeps coming Shifty!

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An inspiring thread Shifty. Congrats on your results thus far.

For what its worth, I agree that a good regime of hair care can virtually stop MPB in its tracks. I was receding quite sharply on both temple points by 18 years of age, now 48 and although I have had transplants for my hairline and temples, the crown is still intact and most people consider I have almost a full head of hair. Ionil T shampoo which is a coal tar type is what I have used for almost 30 years and worked brilliantly at rectifying a psoriasis type of condition which I think was exacerbating my hair loss at such a young age.

Your thread has resulted in me just ordering a 1.5mm derma roller for the first time - I have some weakness behind the transplanted front in my frontal third (particularly on one side) that hopefully I can thicken up. I will give this up to 6 months and if still not happy will likely try PRP. Reluctant to go for more transplants as I have had my own nightmare experience with shock loss although good/ethical doctors really should be able to minimize that risk.

Thanks for sharing your results with the forum, it truly is valuable information from a great responder to non surgical hair loss intervention.


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@Mikey1970 Glad my post helped! Also loo into getting the pen i  mentioned in this thread. While it still pulls hairs and hurts like hell, its not as bad as just the roller. God luck!!

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