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Dr. Michael Beehner

37 y/o Male, 1 session 1725 grafts

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This 37 year old male presented for his first hair transplant procedure in August of 2017. In total, he received 470 MFU grafts (which were placed in the central area) and 1255 FU grafts, which added up to 4735 hairs. He is returning for a second transplant session for further density in two months. 620 of the FU grafts were placed along the hairline in the first half inch or so, and in front of the MFU grafts. 

Michael Beehner, M.D.







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Nice work Doctor!  Hopefully he is on medical therapy including LaserCap.  He has a lot of native hair which is contributing to the overall density.  

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Why not clip it up in after pictures too to be equal. No need to be deceptive even if not intentional. Presenting before and afters like this will make it appear more fuller than beforr even if no work was done by clipping and releasing hair. Have to clip both or clip neither imo. Same thing when doctors buzz people's heads funny right before surgery then in after pick they got their hair grow out. Obv it will look fuller from a buzz to a long style

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