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Dr Diep ~ 1776 Grafts Via FUE ~ 25 y/o Asian Male ~ Norwood 3

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On 1/12/2019 at 11:59 PM, shookwon33 said:

ohhhh man looking good my man for just 4 months and a half @fatbastard12345. Thanks for the constant updates man looking forward to my procedure in 4 months in May.

cool. when did you schedule? i'm curious as to how long the wait time is these days.

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I scheduled around July 2018 and got an appointment schedule for June of 2019. However, a cancellation came up so I managed to get my appointment in May now haha so 1 month earlier i guess it doesnt hurt. I just wanna do this thang and enjoy my life with a sweet af hairline while im still young af lol

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