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Younger looking hairlines - Dr Rahal vs the rest -

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This is a question, which I would appreciate opinions of the experts out here -

I spent some time viewing the HT videos of some of the good doctors here, Dr. Rahal, Dr Ferduini, Dr Bhatti, etc,. In almost all cases I tried to compare NW 3 cases with similar receding hair line and baldness. In most cases 2500-3000 grafts were transplanted. It seemed to me that in almost all cases Dr Rahal seems to create a younger looking hairline than others, and let me try to explain what I mean. In almost all cases the baldness at the front of the head is in a "W" shape with deep or not-so-deep wedges of baldness on both sides of the centre hair lock (Usually in a shape of a "U" or a sort of "V") It seems to me that Dr. Rahal focuses on filling the two wedges (Of the "W" shape" well ) first, and gives an impression of a flatter better, youthful hairline. 

The approach of many other doctors is to bring the "W" shape down a few cms but keep a distinct W shape and hairline. Maybe its called a age-appropriate hairline. Its difficult for me to buy this concept, although I am 50 plus, but I feel a good youthful hairline will not necessarily look inappropriate, and looks great!

Obviously this outcome could be a function of donor availability, etc.. but I have tried to keep most variables constant and compare apples to apples.

What is the view of this forum on this ? Obviously this is an important issue on hairlines and of interest to all.  What are the pros-and cons- and why don't other doctors who are also great in hairline work follow this approach ?

Thanks, Sean




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Age appropriate is always key, a doc that creates a hairline that will look good at both 28 and 58 is the one that was forward thinking and did you right.

A juvenile hairline can look a little out of place or suspicious as we age, especially if the hair behind it thins.



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Th hairlines created by Dr Rahal all look younger/better looking to me as there is more of a  flatter look in the front with slight dips on the edges,  rather than more pronounced dips on the side, which highlights and looks like the hairline is still receding.

I guess it could be called a Korean hairline...but those are low. I am not necessarily referring to lower hairlines, just flatter at a normal to higher level.

Assumption here is that there are sufficient donor hairs and case is NW3.

I think my question is clear ? Its about hairline design and which looks better.

Thanks, Sunil

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He more often does the types of more youthful, flatter hairlines you refer to, but even on his Youtube videos for example there are still a lot of M shapes and NW2-NW2.5s. The vast majority of surgeons are not confident or competent in their ability to produce a natural appearing aggressive hairline, also an issue being that with particularly aggressive hairlines the density needs to be higher to be convincing. Because of this it might take more than one procedure to get density you want, it also leaves a potential problem in covering the full balding area if you lose the rest of your hair.  Many surgeons are more (overly in my opinion) conservative in what they believe donor capacities are. Its always an individual case by case decision on whether it is possible and has minimal risk in the long term of course too.

If you prefer Rahal's hairlines, I would definitely consult him first. Imo aggressive hairlines are mostly an issue of competence in donor management, design and density that most surgeons lack, Rahal certainly has those covered.  Also it comes down to the surgeons taste in what they think looks good in terms of design to some degree why they have different approaches.

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