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For me this is a rebirth.

I had for 11 years avoided social events and gatherings after returning to India just to avoid the hurtful comments people would pass seeing a bald guy.

Avoided the dating scene as I had experienced some serious negativity due to my baldness.

So meeting eugenix team in mumbai, India and undergoing the 2 days transplant 5 months ago for 5617 grafts by Dr. Pradeep is nothing but a rebirth for me.

I see a major change in my appearance, confidence and today I'm looking forward to taking on life with much more poise.

Every person who is bald and can relate to what I mentioned above should go for this procedure and nowhere else but eugenix.

The entire team is so humble, truthful and service oriented I sincerely wish them success in a competitive place like Mumbai.


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Posting today the pics of post 5.5 months. Hopefully it meets your requirement.


My question to old members, what should I expect more from the procedure in next few months. I am excited and anxious now! 

My experience so far is good, but maybe people who have had very successful hair transplant could give me a better insight.

My beard area from where close to 2000 grafts were taken, has still some marks, though little. It is not obvious to people but I can make it out. How much more months are required for the complete blending?IMG_5459.thumb.JPG.9fd99e2b071b263a3cae658eccc2eac3.JPGIMG_5464.thumb.JPG.f016c081cb0f8c499d2a00bebcccf0cf.JPGIMG_5466.thumb.JPG.024365147504753f0eac463c8fbef61b.JPGIMG_5460.thumb.JPG.6d0966dcc8de65419d4434f251c93402.JPGIMG_5461.thumb.JPG.1c6206666ef8838f26b93e95853883c2.JPGIMG_5462.thumb.JPG.df7c07421ec7fc2be838d3a086c565ae.JPG

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49 minutes ago, jj51702 said:

Fantastic result so far. 5 months is still very early and you have lots of thickening to go according to the standard ht timeline.


why did the clinic decide to use beard hair when you have never had a transplant before

According to the doctors although I have not tried any kind of hair restoration treatments; my donor was not very great. They could extract close to 3000 grafts from the so called “safe” area. They usually do beard in cases like mine which are categorized as advanced cases. When I touch the beard grafts it feels different but overall it is blending well.

They have also planned the crown area after 2 months of the first surgery, which I have delayed as I wanted to see the results from the 1st transplant.

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Really amazing result by Eugenix Team. 

I also did my transplants with Eugenix.

And really feel very good after see your results. I just posted my 75 days pics. And as i seen your pics in 5 months is really amazing

Check my updates as well on this link


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