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Dr Resul Yaman

Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic - 5300 Grafts Result ( Second Session 2400 grafts )

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First Session 24 Months Result
-5300 grafts
-1160 single grafts
-2815 double grafts
-1325 multiple grafts

Second Session
-2400 grafts
-1290 single grafts
-630 double grafts
-480multiple grafts

For more information about our new implanter;

Dr Yaman Hair Clinic
+90 545 600 1234
















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Wow fantastic results, he’s got quite the donor density. Dr. Yaman, what are your thoughts on beard hair transplanted to the donor region to make up for donor depletion? 

I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

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Hello Dear Hair Restoration Network Members and Melvin,

Thank you for your nice words. About your question; the patient visited our clinic for his second session recently. We have implanted 7700 grafts in 2 sessions. This patient has a very good donor capacity. After his second operation his donor area is stil healty. Right now we don’t think that he will need have beard hair transplantation to the donor area in the future. But I have to point to that this patient has a good donor capacity, it is not possible to extract same amount of grafts for every patient.

Thank you for your time,
Dr. Resul Yaman


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Dr. Yaman, 

Was this patients first procedure of 5,300 grafts you did, done in a single day session or over the course of 2 days or more?

If this first procedure of 5,300 grafts was done in 1 day, how many hours did it take?

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