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My Smp keeps freaking fading

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 Hello everyone,  my Smp keeps fading and I need your  advice. 

 With failed hair transplants Not provided me enough coverage, I finally took the plunge  with Smp   With a  experienced  practitioner here in Los Angeles.  Full head  Norwood 6 including On average 5-8 mm scar from ear to ear.   I had a total of four sessions. 

 My first two sessions were scheduled a week apart. Then my third session a month and a half later and my fourth session also a month and a half later. 

 After my  first two sessions I was on cloud 9. It Looked amazing. Even my scar looked like  it was covered 90%. I was like finally I’m going to  get my life back.  The pain was a  five on a scale of 1 to 10.  Not too bad. But three weeks later it started to fade. We were communicating by text and I addressed my concerns regarding fading. They text me back saying it was normal all part of the process Not to worry. So I said what a relief see you at my appointment in another three weeks.

   My third session freaking  hurted.  On a scale of 1 to 10 it was like a 7 and sometimes 9 or 10.   I am most tapped out it hurts so bad.  After the session he told me he went up 17 shades and all I said was wow. I guess he may have started to lite  on my first two sessions. I didn’t question him  since he’s one of the best in the industry. Again I’m on cloud 9   it was looking awesome.  But around three weeks again it started fading. I text them again regarding my concerns and again they said not to worry part of the process  everything will be just fine. So again I said what a relief see you at my next appointment. 

 So when I went in for my fourth appointment,  I was waiting in the room when he came in  And he was a little defensive about  me saying it was  fading.  He Started showing me pictures Of my treatments on his computer stating  He thought he was doing a good job. He really caught me off guard,  especially after me addressing the fading concerns after my second and third treatment  they said not to worry. I didn’t know by Me making that fading statement that  I was implying he was doing a bad  job.   I was telling him I thought it was myself that maybe it’s not working on me not that he didn’t anything wrong.  So we talked  then we started the fourth treatment.  Again it’s freaking hurted  really bad, I almost tapped out again.  He   said I had sensitive spots   Due to hair transplant procedure. At the end of that session  he said he went darker again.  I said OK it looks great. So that was my final session I told him I guess fourth times the charm.  Well it’s been two months now since my last procedure and it faded Like 50%. And my scar coverage isn’t good  like it was.   And I haven’t been in the sun. Still wearing the hat.   If those dots would just stay dark  it would look amazing and my scar. 

 so my question is what do I do?  You may tell me to go back  and hopefully he’ll give me another treatment,  but it keeps fading so what’s the point?  I thought Smp if taken care of, it should  last 2 to 5 years?    Why should I go through this pain again for it to fade  in one month.? Has there ever been any one that  Smp  Didnt work  or didn’t last long? At This point I will take just one solid year.   I waited years Too  take the plunge and this happens. I was on cloud 9 to hit rock bottom again.  What Should I do? 

 Thanks everyone!   It’s been a long day I will check back in tomorrow.  I would provide pictures but I’m technically challenged 





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