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Hey Guys,

This topic seems to be heavily debated even among elite hair restoration surgeons, some say it works for healing and not for hair loss, others say it rejuvenates hair follicles. I have yet to try it, but I have read studies that suggest that theoretically PRP could be effective, whats your guy's opinion. Feel free to read the article I wrote

Is PRP Effective For Treating Hair Loss?


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I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

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I may just be cynical but I have to say I do not really believe in PRP. The protocols are too un-standardized, the mechanism of action is too poorly understood, and I have seen too many people spend a lot of money on this without any tangible results. 

If it works for you that is great, but I would not do this for myself. 

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I don't know how an individual can be anything but subjective on this.  My 2011 transplant took very good.  If my 2018 transplants take good again should I credit PRP?  I just don't know how an individual can really evaluate this.  That is why I posted the NIH study.  My PRP was included with my transplant otherwise I doubt that I would have bought it. 

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