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Hey there, recently (12 days ago) had an fue hair transplant with 1569 or so grafts.

I have been losing my hair since my early 20’s.

tried using meds but had side effects. Got off them and continued losing. I really want to some now find a way to get back to using them or alternatives.

I still have rather thick hair in the middle front to back but my temples and sides have receding back to the point I can no longer really hide it by keeping long and brushing the forelock over the temples. Doctor commented and saw how thick my hair was - always nice to hear.

 However, I had shaved it all off months ago and saw just how bad it really had progressed.

My doctor had initially quoted me at around 2,000 grafts but on inspection day of surgery he changed his mind to 1500 (hair was short in pictures he had previously seen).

Doctor and team were so great and very professional and ethical in how he went about answering my concerns and questions.

i had initially wanted my temple points touched but he seemed hesitatant and said the results could look off, so he decided not to do them. 

After my doctor was honest about lowering of hairlines and the risks involved, I decided a nice even in hairline and density was more important than actually lowering it. Density with good hairline over low hairline, imo.

i am now almost two weeks into recovery and almost at the ugly duckling stage. I have no picture of it yet but I just lost the remaining crusts last night and everything now looks great.

I trust my doctor - just hoping the 1500 is enough for thick density 







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Looks like nice clean work. I think you're right to keep a mature hairline rather than lowering it as you're not on meds and will likely continue to lose hair.

Everything looks fine at twelve days. Still a few crusts by the look of it but they should be gone soon. Who was your doc and what age are you?

I am an online representative for Farjo Hair Institute


Dr. Bessam Farjo is an esteemed member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians


I am not a medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions shared are my own.

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Was your doctor Robert Niedbalski?  I ask because your post has "PNW" (for Pacific Northwest, where he practices) and that looks like his work--he uses the "pick and stick" method.  He did my first transplant in 2012 and it was really solid work.  This looks like it'll be a great result.

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A month in. Really in the ugly duckling stage now. Doctor said I looked less red than others straight after surgery but it’s pretty darn red at the moment. Luckily I can wear a hat whenever needed.

minus the redness, the hair looks almost identical to when I grew my hair back from buzzing in prior to surgery.

I started fin again. I had sides that were bad when I started it 8 years ago but I’m now doing Monday Wednesday and Friday 1mg. We will see how it goes - right now I don’t have any sides. 


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On 10/19/2018 at 1:48 AM, jj51702 said:

Good job skipping over everyone’s questions 

I’ll post some pictures of the back side a little later. It’s so hard to take them without a timer - will do a little later.

in al honesty, I haven’t looked back there since 3 weeks out - and it already looked pretty Normal by that point.. no concerns.

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4 months as of today. So far, still unsure with the current result.

Below is a picture from right before surgery with the afters on the right (4 months in)


 I am unsure of my right temple / I don’t think it’s grown in as much and I don’t like that it’s higher and doesn’t add balance. (This would be the top pictures in above shot, since I did it as selfie with camera) 

I also don’t see many hairs as of yet to bring in density. I hope more growth occurs and not just thickening and length.

I also hope the fin/propecia helps with temple points, as Dr. Gable told me not to mess with the temple points as the results from doing these through a transplant is usually not good/unnatural.

i had a hair cut to even out sides and volume so it doesn’t make transplanted area as noticeable.

i have always been able to style my hair to push it forward and to the side to reduce some of the rescission but obviously getting this done was to have really good styling options with my hair, confidence swimming and in the rain, not having to spend time concealing, etc.

i know it’s still early.

Right side, styled:



Left side styled:


Hoping month 5 is a great one

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