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This 34-year-old patient was a class 2. He came to me wanting to rebuild his hairline, add density to the frontal 1/3 of his head, and temple points.  He elected to go with a FUE procedure.

He received 2,050 grafts. These are his results 7 months post-op. He will get more improvement over the next 8 months. The patient is extremely happy with his results. 

























Edited by Dr. Vladimir Panine
Photos were uploaded twice
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Dr. Panine, fantastic results, I have to say the temple points are some of the best I've seen. What size punch was used for this patient? It appears the grafts were taken fairly high up, I know that the "universal" safe zone is not universal at all, what is your philosophy or thoughts on going outside of the "universal" zone?

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Thank you for insightful comments and those excellent questions!

This was a repair case. Patient was not happy with results from a previous procedure by another physician and wanted a more natural dense front hairline with slight accentuation of the pre-existing widow's peak. 

The patient is a well-educated and articulate individual;  he was aware that widow's peak emphasizes youthfulness of the hairline and that is what he wanted. Surgical plan was discussed with the patient during consultation as well as prior to surgery.

The patient also wanted strong temporal points, which fit very nicely with his desire for a more aggressive front hairline, as both features balance each other out and allow a more natural look.

In this particular case I used 0.8 mm punches, as there was some scarring from a previous procedure.

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The choice by the patient for such a low widows peak looks slightly unnatural due to density at the peak not exactly matching about an inch or two above but that may be a result if the patient used any hair styling product in his hair in the photo ...but...temple points look great, and overall, some fine work. ?

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