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Small FUE session for scar revision?

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My partner had a brow lift last year that left him with three noticeable linear scars in his scalp that prevents him from cutting his hair short.

He was looking to have this repaired with a FUE procedure, I'm assuming 200 grafts would suffice.

Is anyone aware of FUE surgeons that perform small sessions, preferably on the west coast?

The only ones I've come across are Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Feller, but that's quite a distance to travel.

I had a very successfully surgery with Dr. Diep a few years ago, but he currently has an 8 month wait time for FUE and $5k minimum.

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If you're on the West Coast (in Cali like me I take it, looking at your name), and you don't mind a ~1-hour flight up to Oregon, Dr. Gabel does do FUE, and I don't see why he would be opposed to a small scar fill-in session, unless he has some kind of policy I'm not aware of. His work is quite good and clean, as you can see from my own blog and posts, as well as many others on these forums (look in the Results Posted by Patients, and Surgeon Experiences sub-forums). For what it's worth he certainly has my recommendation and I doubt you'll find any naysayers. Best of luck!

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