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Hello everybody,


so 2 years and 2 days after my first procedure of 4500 grafts, and as you who have been following would know, I have been invited back to the clinic.


I might start a new thread or continue this one, but I think the below photos speak for themselves. 

my hair shaft cross - sectional diameter is only 51 microns (average at best) and the contrast between skin and hair colour couldn’t be any higher. For those of you that know anything about hair transplantation these are two of the most important factors with regards to the illusion of density. I believe I was a challenging case given my characteristics. I do have the benefit of having wavy hair which curls as it wishes which help it look thicker. 


The Dr said my donor area was still perfect, but we agreed on 1500 grafts to be planted into the frontal third. The Dr raised concerns that finasteride didn’t seem to be working as effective as it should for me (perhaps I’ve built a tolerance) and suggested I give Dutaseride a go. Does anyone have any experience of this? 

my goals is to be able to cut my hair a little shorter than the usual 3/4 inches on top to maintain the illusion of density. 

It was a pleasure to meet the team again, and it was also a pleasure to meet Dr Patrick Mwamba who was visiting the clinic and was there during my incisions. 


I will try to not post as much for this procedure - perhaps once every few months . 

I do hope that I don’t suffer such an ugly duckling phase this time. I also hope that my transplanted Hair  from First operation doesn’t suffer shock loss. 





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Congratulations Happy growing 🙏🏼

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