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Hasson & Wong Upcoming Free Consultations - Toronto Sept 15-16

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The weekend after his visit to Calgary, Hasson and Wong patient advisor James will again be in Toronto on  Sept 15-16. There are still a few spots left. Sign up if you're interested in finding out if you are a good candidate for a hair restoration procedure and what result we might expect to achieve.

You can learn more about James and his story or reserve your spot here: https://hassonandwong.com/hair-transplant-toronto/

You can also book an appointment here: https://hassonandwong.com/consultations-in-your-city/ or by calling 1.800.859.2266 Toll Free or emailing us at info@hassonandwong.com.



I am a salaried employee of Hasson and Wong since 2001. Opinions expressed are my own.



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These consults are done by a patient advisor, and are free, but does it cost to have a consult done with Dr. Hasson or Wong? How much? Can we apply it to our procedure if there is a cost? Thanks in advance!

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Hello Everyone,

Look forward to this weekend. Please visit www.hassonandwong.com if you would like to book a consultation.

All the best and see you in Toronto. 


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