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Hair loss?

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25 years old. Never paid much attention to possibility of balding so I don't know how long this might have been going on. Basically I took a picture of my scalp today and noticed what might be hair loss on my crown. Any advice please? I have no widow peak at the moment. 

In case it is the start of the balding process, does it look an early stage? I think that I should book an appointment with a specialist. If they prescribe me some medicines, can I fully recover my hair or slow down the process?







39910947_242229683103729_5292026022277939200_n (1).jpg

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U catching ur hairloss at a good time .. u still have density n hair caliber seems good .. crown is starting to show signs of hair loss .. go see ur doctor n see if they can recommend u meds .. either minoxidil n finasteride .. but it’s best if u start educating urself on how  hairloss works n preventive measures .. u should always go to the doctor with alot Of knowledge.  

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Looks like some crown thinning is happening, finasteride could keep it from worsening and possibly even reverse some of it.

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Welcome. Consider getting on 1mg finasteride daily as if you do you'll poss never have to worry about hair loss again. FACT.


Jessica man,  What a load of tripe. ?



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Meds should be able to help with doctor supervision/recommendation.  Minoxidil is known to work on the crown for a good size population.  At this early stage of thinning, it may help recover what you may have lost.  You may want to try and use that first and see what happens in about a year.  Applied twice daily, you can do one application in morning and one at night.    If tolerable, finasteride is another good option.  But again, the best way to guage which med is actually working for you is to try one or the other for a year and if it works stick to the regimen.  You can try one or the other, or, both at same time, but it is up to you.  Hoping you have success and a good recovery.   Remember, you may see sheds during early use and some people give up thinking nothing is working.  It takes about a year to see a sizeable impact of the medication.  Keep a consistent monthly photo record to see how your progress is coming along.  Best of luck.  

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Looks like its getting thin. My husband starts to lose his hair, when he was 20, so age doesn't matter. I think first of all to save it you should go to a specialist and ask for some treatment and advise.  For my husband very helpful is head massage every day, it causes blood circulation and hair grows quicker. Also, I bought for him the wooden brush, it harder and better for hair loss. You can look at reviews of this link and choose one for yourself. Good luck!

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