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Monday, August 20th I had 1600 FUT Grafts transplanted with Dr. Alexander who is located in the Biltmore Area of Phoenix. Extremely satisfied so far and will post photos and updates later as it's only been 48 hours since the surgery.

Firstly, his office and medical practice is very organized and sanitary. Cleanliness and hygene are always important, especially with surgery. Also, there is no pretense with the Doctor or his staff. Very down to earth and friendly. A big plus. He initially thought I would have around 1100 grafts but discovered more donor area during the surgery and I was pleasantly surprised to have 1600 grafts transplanted. Less pain than I expected and the only real pain was the first night after the surgery but the medication helped a lot.

I arrived at the office at 730 am and left a little before 4pm. Lunch was included and was actually pretty good. A big plus about his office is the whole day is focused towards the patient. No other patients milling around or interruptions for phone calls. A very pleasant staff who have a lot of experience with hair transplants. Also, Dr. Alexander's specialty is hair transplants so he is very much an expert in this field. I definitely would recommend Dr. Alexander.

PS: The photo in my profile is from about a year ago and not related to Monday's surgery.


Tim K

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Congrats on your recent session and welcome aboard the forum. Ill do my best to get your photos upload if ok with you  ?




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