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Melbourne Hair system

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Hey everyone! first time user here. Long story short I'm in my early 20's a severely suffering hair loss. I wear a hat everyday and the dread of losing my hair controls my life. I currently use concealers but I am almost at the point where I can no longer use them as my hair is almost gone in some areas. I have been spending months researching non-surgical hair replacement as I am not a candidate for hair transplant, I'm 22 and almost bald. There are just so many questions I have, I just would love to mean someone in melbourne who wears one and gain a proper insight. Everyone seems to like them for the first few months and then you don't hear much. I would like to know where the best place in Melbourne is to go and how to manage prices as i'm still a student and won't be able to afford the weekly cut ins and what not. Any advice would be appreciated, just sick of worrying about it all the time.

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George, I wanted to reply to you because I see nobody else has responded to this topic yet. I can’t speak much for Melbourne however, in general, so I’m here replacing systems can look incredibly natural as long as you’re willing to do the proper maintenance. Understand, that A high-quality hairpiece or system will work great At first, similar to how a brand new car looks all shiny and clean coming out of the show room. However, after some wear and tear, the system will break down and will eventually have to be replaced. There are ways to elongate the life of a system by properly maintaining it. But it’s important that you learn and understand the benefits and limitations of a hairpiece and then decide whether or not it’s right for you.

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I have been wearing almost a decade and I can say its changed my life. That said, it is not for everyone and it take a little while to master it. I DIY which cuts down the time and costs to a fraction of what clinics charge.

There are regular posters online that have been wearing for a long time, but the vast majority of people whether it works or not will  stop posting once they have decided their path.

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