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Looking for a new minoxidil

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Hello.  I am still searching for the perfect minoxidil.  I was using a 12% minoxidil from Belgravia Center and had to stop after a few months as I was looking worse.  Just started using the Hair Restoration Laboratories minoxidil which seems to have more dht blocking ingredients than any other i could find.  It also goes on real light and dries quickly.  Any thoughts?  Other recommendations?

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I've met a few patients that have used the 12% Minoxidil and to be honest they saw little improvement compared to guys using the standard 5%. Their 12 month clinic progress pics were deceiving due to the different levels of lighting used........very crafty.

I suppose the only real difference noticed was the diminishing thickness of their wallets!


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I agree with Shera, more minoxidil doesn’t = better results. If it did then they would sell it world wide. In fact, using minoxidil twice a day in my opinion isn’t necessary. Once a day works just fine for me.

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