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Does anybody know if Dr Lupanzula's FUT is of good quality? Can anybody direct me towards any cases of his? I went for a consultation with him and he recommended me to get FUE but I think I want FUT because I am not on meds and FUT will be better for the amount of grafts that can be squeezed out of my unfortunately finite donor. I have another consultation with him at the end of the month and want to know if he will consider doing FUT but I want to see his FUT cases before I agree to anything, assuming he will do it. 

Any help would be much appreciated

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On 8/6/2018 at 8:07 PM, Dr. Glenn Charles said:

Patients with fine hair and below average density in the donor area are generally not good candidates for FUE. Does the doctor you are seeing offer both FUE or FUT?

Hi @Dr. Glenn Charles Thanks for your reply. Dr Lupanzula does offer both. I don't have fine hair and my donor has about 9,000 grafts with FUE according to Dr Lupanzula in an in-person consultation. I want FUT to get the most out of my donor. I don't care about the scar and will get FUE put into it anyway. I have several other in-person consultations this month with the other main Belgian doctors and Dr Feriduni.

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