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42 minutes ago, True said:

I don't know.  Too many doubles on the hairline.

That's not true, there are singles that are in close proximity to each other in the zig zag pattern, but they are not "doubles" because as you can see from the close up photos I have posted there is only one follicle exiting the skin. Furthermore, the third pic shows how mult-follicular units exit the skin, you can clearly see how doubles should appear, they appear as two split follicles exiting the skin. This is not the case with this patient.




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It’s called dense packing ,, medium tight hairline.. if there was a lot of doubles n so forth it would look doll like . It’s dense packed so it’s not see through .. . dude has a full head of thick hair with under 3000 grafts .. u saw how bald he was ? I pay for his hair .. u know how many people I see on here have to do two sessions a year later to get dense packed results like that.. 

n I don’t see bumpiness of the skin or prolonged redness .. that to me is a great transplant ..

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New hair n Melvin is exactly right .. what u seeing is rows of densely packed single hairs in the front followed by doubles n triples towards the back giving it an illusion of thickness , without the doll hair effect .. n the see thru effect that u see in a lot of transplants .. that’s what a hairline specialist surgeon does that extracts the grafts themselves .. it’s somethig a technician usually won’t always be able to accomplish .. that’s why his results are consistent .. n don’t require a boatload of grafts to achieve that kind of density .. it’s whats I’ve noticed from dieps work .. 

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I'd like to explain why I MISTAKENLY thought there were double hair grafts in the front.

Transplanted hair from the back is thicker than baby, thin, sometimes colorless, single hairs at the hairline.

If you're implanting strong single hair grafts from the back of the head, those strong, single hair grafts will stand out against the thin, sometimes colorless, baby single hairs at the hairline.

So the choice is between strong single hairs in the front hairline vs leaving the hairline alone.

Am I wrong?

But overall, the transplant looks fantastic.


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