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Sunlight, fading, touch-up's

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I found this video on YouTube . The guy John is an experienced SMP practitioner. He has done his own treatment and in this video he is showing his SMP in all kinds of different lightning situations and angels. I think his SMP looks great and I find the video helpful. The one thing that concerns me a bit is, that he is saying in the video and also in the comments, that you shouldn't expose the SMP for more than 2 mins. to the sunlight and not more than 20 mins. in general when you are outside in order to prevent fading, unless you're okay with refreshing the treatment every 6-8 months other than 12-18 months. In other words, SMP is more like an indoor solution. If you like to go outside a lot you either wear a hat or you're getting used to the fact to refresh it every couple of months. 

I find it a bit surprising that he recommends a touch-up for a so called "permanent SMP" every 12-18 months even if you take care of it, since most companies and practitioners say it lasts an average of 5-7 years before a touch-up. To those of you who have the treatment, do you agree with what the guy in the video is saying? When did your treatment began to fade?


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Why would anyone want a permanent tattoo?  What if you don't like the design?  Lasering it off may destroy your follicles.  Permanent is...... permanent, but it will still partly fade and require touch-ups.  Why risk it?    No thanks.

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