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Hi Guys,

Last August, I had a hair transplantation at Dr. Ilhan Serdaroglu's Clinic, Istanbul. The open area on my head was wide so he advised me two session. I was glad with the first session. 3300 grafts. I had no aches or pain during or after the operation. To be honest, I just felt a little pain during the anasthesia at the beginning of the operation and that's all. Therefore I decided upon the second session, 2800 grafts. I have just undergone the second session for a few days. With this session he worked on the vertex mostly. I strongly advice you to meet Dr. Ilhan Serdaroglu  before you decide HT. Here are some of my photos. Before the HT, after the I. session, II. session.5b43630d95510_beforeHT.jpg.bd85b610215d9dfb214e87555ef0da4c.jpg5b436317341a6_aftertheI_HT.thumb.jpg.98584d8ba33732832d6d7b764adb8223.jpg5b436343abf15_II_HT.thumb.JPG.05d4ca360bfc945610420d2b1917fbda.JPG 

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