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Hello good people!
I am new in the forum, although I have visited here occasionally as a guest for couple of years. I am 29 years old, started losing hair from a very young age (18 or 19) and never went through any long-term hair treatment. As you can imagine, after spending the golden years of my life wearing caps/hats, I am sick of it and planning for a hair transplant next year. So far, based on my research, I would probably go with Dr. Koray Erdogan in Turkey.

1. I would like to know your suggestions about what hair treatment to follow during this one year period before the hair transplant, in order to increase the density of the top-scalp or to keep the existing dinsity at the least.
2. Based on the photo attached, I would like to know your estimates on how much grafts I might need to get a decent result. (PS.- I have cut at the back of my head from childhood. I would like to fill it too)
3. I have Hemoglobin E disease. Will it be an issue to carry out the procedure? I would appreciate your independent opinion on this.

Thanks guys. Have a nice day.






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  • Deubang changed the title to Suggestions on pre-hair transplant treatment, no. of grafts etc.

What does your donor region look like grown out? is it thin? or can it get pretty heavy and dense?

Looking at the pics, it would be hard to get dense coverage from front to back, but a skilled doctor can probably give you decent coverage with maybe 3500 grafts? the crown may still be bald though.

I dont think theres anything that would help you on top though bud. Too late for fin & minox

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Thanks for the feedback, hirlossPA. I would say that my donor area is not thin, however not so dense either.
I saw some great results of Erdogan's 5000 grafts megasession. Just hoping for a decent coverage.

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I disagree with HairlossPa..I’d definitely get on Finasteride and minox to save those precious hairs on top. You’ve still got some no doubt. Those will just be future grafts if you don’t try and save them. As far as graft total...5-8k would get you going pretty good( if your donor supply can yield that much )

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Hi Deubang,

You have extensive balding and your donor area doesn't appear to have the donor resource to adequately cover your balding regions.

Looking closely at your pics, I too can see what appears to be many miniaturizing hairs.  So your first port of call should be Finasteride. I would advise you to initially take it for 6 months to a year (if no obvious side effects) and then re-assess your scalp after this time.

As it stands you would probably need more than one surgery and if possible you may well need to utilize beard/body hair to give you anything resembling a decent result.

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