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I wasn't going to share my experience but I felt that after everything I got from this forum and the fantastic experience with Dr. Nader, I had to to share this and give back to the community that helped me through this. I started losing hair in my 20's and then it stopped (or that's what I thought). I truly believe since then I lost my hair slowly and progressively until now. I'm 36 years old now.

My hairline was never horrible and I didn't have peaks that really bothered me  but I started noticing a lot of hair loss when looking at my pictures and seeing a much wider forehead each time. I had issues with hair loss in the crown area that I would easily cover up but then recently I also saw less volume on the front side of my hair.  For the last two years Toppik, hair spray and Loreal Root Cover where my best friends but it got old too fast. I live in SoCal where generally is hot. I realized that I would get horrible migraines every time I used the root cover spray if I didn't shampoo my hair within a couple hours. I did some research and I realized of the horrible chemicals used on this spray and I started wearing a cap and just using the spray for important events or occasions.  It was too much work and I was stressed out all the time thinking that somebody would touch my hair and their hands would be black all the sudden. 

I got used to wearing a cap all the time and my selfies did as well but every time I got home and took the hat off, I would feel like I didn't recognize or like the person that I saw on the mirror. I started looking at other people experiences and came to this forum. I travel a lot and I really considered Thailand on my last trip but I thought it was too far of a flight to come home for recovery right away so I kept looking and that's when I came across with one particular review about Dr. Nader in Reynosa, Mexico. I kept looking for stories and experiences and within weeks I made my decision. 

I read that it was really hard to get in touch with him so I was ready for an email battle. I sent the same email in Spanish and English with same Subject. I would send it at 8am every day. Same email. Same time. Seven Days. I then received an email from Brenda (medical assistant) and we got the conversation going. I first sent them some pics and Dr. Nader suggested me to go to my doctor to make sure that I had not alopecia or other illness that would make me ineligible for a hair restoration. I did so and results came all good. I got back in touch with them with new pics with better lighting and I asked then that I had to get this done before the end of the summer. Then Brenda replied with the only availability at the moment on July 5th and you know I TOOK IT!

Once you have a date, Brenda is a lot more responsive and she always copied Dr. Nader in all emails. He knows everything that is going with you and he communicates with Brenda about you after reading each email. Dr. Nader only accepts one patience per day and he is with that patience from around 7:30am to 6:30pm so he has little time to reply to all emails himself. 

I booked my flight to Texas and Dr. Nader said he would book my hotel right by the McAllen Airport. I received the confirmation about a week earlier from my trip for two nights at the iStay Smart. Great location and hotel with great breakfast and a mall right across the street.  Got in at 6pm on July 4th. Staff were wonderful and most of them already know about Dr. Nader because I believe we all use the same hotel and we all check-in with a cap and check-out with some more hair.

His driver, Mr. Santos was supposed to pick me up at 7:45am but he was already in the breakfast area at 7:25am. Great guy and great conversation. If I was stressed about something, it wasn't about the surgery but about the drive to Reynosa. I travelled right after elections and things were a little more crazy than normal. I kept looking at the local news and I followed the hashtag #ReynosaFollow on Twitter that it helped me a lot but also freaked me out in several occasions. The drive was what I was more nervous about, even though I've visited several countries in the Middle East.  We drove about 25 minutes to the office, crossing the border very easily into Mexico. The city of Reynosa seems old, disorganized... It reminded me to and old town in Thailand. Most important,  I never felt in danger, as Mr Santos drove carefully and put me at ease. He walks you to the office which is in a gated building.

If there is something that I was sure after talking to Dr. Nader for 15 minutes, that was that I had made the right decision. Let me get one thing straight about Dr. Nader , he is the absolutely most professional person I've met in a long time. Everything about him was amazing We talked about genes, hair loss in my family, supplements and medicines, the need to alternate shampoos weekly.... He answered every question I had and walked me through the entire process. He checked my hair and said that My hair was strong and I had short hair growing around my crown and he believed that I could just get hair by taking the right supplants and stimulating my hair the right way. He even hand wrote a list for me. After telling him about my expectations he said that I would have to focus on the front face and hairline and leave the crown for later as he truly believed it was just easy to get my hair around It naturally. He sad he didn't want to do more grafts than the ones that I would need. 

I have so much respect for him and you can tell from the get go that he loves his job. He said he loves focusing on one head at the time and he only leaves you alone for much. He is with you the rest of the time. After the initial conversation we started the procedure by changing clothes and getting my head shaved. I got a shot for inflammation. Right after I laid down and they started the collection from the donor area. I didn't;t feel a thing and I even took a little nap. When he was finished he gave me his glasses to look at my hairs and he said he was surprised because I had a lot of follicles with several hairs (up to 4). Then we stopped for lunch. After lunch we went to the implantation and this part was even more relaxing. When making the incision there is a sound, and it was the most relaxing part. You have a remote to browse through Netflix and watch whatever you want but I was more relaxed than anything else. 

After the procedure we went into his office, he gave me the post-instructions on how to care for my scalp and gave me the actual medications (antibiotics, pain and inflammation). HE told me that my extractions were high quality and gave me a report for the total amount of hairs. He actually got 2555 but only charged me for 2500. 225 grafts had 1 hair. 1246 grafts had 2 hairs. 998 grafts had 3 hairs and 86 of them had 4 hairs so I'm hoping to see all that grow very soon. He even gave me his cell phone number to send him daily updates which I have been doing and he's been extremely responsive. Santos wasn't available to is nephew took me back to McAllen. We went through another bridge to avoid lines but this area made me feel very uncomfortable so I would highly recommend you to request to come back via the international bridge that you came from even if that means having to wait a few more minutes in line. 

I took the bandages off on day two. First night was hard to sleep due to the position. CAUTION! I did use an aloe vera gel on day 2 on my donor area and I cried for an hour on how bad it hurt so I didn't even think of putting it anywhere else. It got red, painful and ugly. Today (day 3) I bought the actual aloe vera plant and extracted the inside and that didn't hurt at all.

I'm extremely grateful. I will be sharing a few pics as I have time to upload them. Please feel free to ask any questions and I will be happy to answer. 





IMG_3228 copy.JPG

IMG_7816 copy.JPG

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3 hours ago, Cid said:

Looks great. Can't wait to see your progress.

Thank you! I can’t wait either.

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On 7/8/2018 at 11:22 PM, Rawkerboi said:

What a neat work!!

Please do keep us updated

Thanks. I'm Excited!

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Today is the ONE WEEK mark and I'm happy with what I see so far. Most of the scabs on my donor area are gone. I'm not longer taking medication and I'm focusing on making the scabs soft. 


IMG_1169 copy.JPG


IMG_5380 copy.JPG

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@KoaX - Congratulations, Do you have a more recent update and share pictures ?

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