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The best & cheapest hair transplant surgeons? Do I really need to shave my hair?

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Hi guys.


I am living in Australia and the cost for a hair transplant

and DUE is ridiculous compared to some of the clinics

around the world.

Can anybody recommend a good hair transplant surgeon

and a country as well? Dr. Amit Gupta from Divine cosmetic

Surgery in Pune, India is saying I will only need to pay $3500

for DUE & Transplant where as in Australia they are saying I

will need to pay $20,000.


Also, I have quite long shoulder length hair. I don't know how it works,

but I have been told as part of the transplant that I will need to

shave my hair. Is this how the usual transplant procedure works

or can I still keep my hair long and have the transplant?




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Based on your question I would recommend that you read in here for around 6 month before you do anything. As a first step post picures here including the required information. Then you consult 2-3 clinics.




To answer one of your questions: There is partly shaven FUE for dedicated cases. If you are one of this cases remains to be seen.

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Good place to start

Here's 2 of the most moderately priced and best doctors in the business doing amazing work and approved on this forum


Dr. Koray Erdogan from Turkey

Dr. Maras HDC Cyprus Greece


Also theres Dr. Emrah Cinik from Turkey not approved here yet but worth taking a serious look at if money is your main issue hes super low cost

Resent and past reviews of his work look impressive also


If I was you I would start by checking the good doctors sites looking at there work prices pictures then doing a search the doctors last names on this and others forums viewing more pictures of there work reading peoples personal reviews and everything else you can find on the doctors


Then get some of your own pictures ready front back sides and top and send them around to the doctors online consultations




Good luck

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Never base your decision on price alone, always go by the best results. With that said, our community does recommend Dr. Bhatti who is located in India, many Australian members have gone to him. With that said, take a look at our surgeon review section and go based off of results. Best wishes

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Save up and go to a top doctor. Most HT require 2+ procedures and you dont want to risk a bad looking transplant. Normal balding is 10 times better than a bad HT. Take your time and read a bunch of posts here like Gasthoerer said.

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If you grow your hair long and don't plan to ever have a buzz cut or fade the back and sides then you should look into FUT rather than FUE as it is generally much cheaper and it is done without shaving the donor area. There are also some Drs who will perform a procedure without shaving the recipient area as well.

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I agree that you need to spend quite a bit of time on this forum researching surgeons and learning as much about the hair transplant process as possible, and making this post is a great start.


Use the list of recommended surgeons here as a good starting point. And as the others have said, don't base your decision on price alone. While I understand that finances play a role in something like this, bargain shopping for a hair transplant isn't a good idea. That said, just because a surgeon is expensive also doesn't mean they're better/more credible, which is why solid research is important. Reach out to former patients of surgeons you're interested in as well and get their personal feedback on their experiences.


As for a no-shave procedure, this is a service that some surgeons provide, though it tends to be in very specific cases and also tends to be more expensive as the work is a lot more time-consuming and challenging. Something to keep in mind...


Best of luck.

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