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2052 Graft FUT Procedure with Dr. Glenn Charles

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I figured I would post the before and after pictures of my procedure for the community. I thought about having a hair transplant for a long time and Dr. Charles and I stayed very conservative with our approach, but I'm still expecting great results in a few months. I had a very receded hairline, and if you look at my Propecia album from 10 years ago you'll see it has always been extremely receded but has since stabilized thanks to Propecia. And yes, the penis works just fine.


I thought about getting this procedure since I was 26 (currently 35), so it is bizarre to finally be on the other side of having a hair transplant. The procedure was fairly painless. I didn't mind the anesthesia at all, but the last hour of the surgery became slightly uncomfortable because the donor area was tender and I was still on my back as they were inserting the final grafts. Apart from the first two nights where I definitely needed the painkillers to lay down on the donor area, recovery was a breeze.


I had another doctor, who works with a plastic surgeon in Jacksonville, take out the sutures and both she and my hair stylist( who is from Miami and has seen a lot of bad transplants) believe Dr. Charles did an exceptional job with the donor area. It's honestly a pain in the ass to attempt to find the donor area to show family and friends-- I believe that is a very good problem to have.


I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Charles and his staff and I hope the final results match the quality of my procedure. My first contact with their office was in 2011, so to say that they were patient and took time to answer all my questions is an understatement.


Overall, the procedure was fun! People back home cannot believe how clean and minimal the procedure appeared when I drove back to Jacksonville the following morning.


I am not going to update every month, but I will update at month 4 or 5 as the results begin to manifest. My fingers are crossed that I am a fast grower, but I've read enough of these threads to know to trust my doctor at this point and enjoy the recovery and growth, even if my growth is on the slower side of life. I added more pictures, but they did not show up for some reason. If anyone is interested, they are in my photo album.


Videos of my procedure can also be viewed at drglenncharles on his Instagram page if you are interested. I look pretty dumb, but if it helps you it's worth it ;) If anyone in Florida is considering a hair transplant and has any questions please feel free to message to me.









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I actually do not have any pictures of my scar.  I attempted to take a picture for you but I can't seem to find it.  I had a different plastic surgeon in Jax remove my sutures since Dr. Charles office is four hours away and she thought he did an excellent job.  I can still feel the internal sutures as I don't think they are completely dissolved yet.  It feels like there is a raised section of my head where the scar is, but I'm struggling to photograph this area.  I can barely get my friends and family to see the scar when I show it to them.  In a few months, when I update the rest of the pictures I'll get someone to run a comb through my hair so we can get a better idea of the quality of the scar.  I hate to say this, but it does seem like I'll get close to that "pencil thin" quality scar that people claim does not happen.     

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