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Dr. Michael Beehner

Hairpiece patient who switched to HT's; 3 sessions

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This 32 year old male who had been wearing a hairpiece for the previous 4 years first came to us several years ago and had three sessions of transplants using both DFU grafts and FU grafts. He continued to wear the hairpiece until the third session grew in 3 years later. It is our policy in our practice for these patients to not wear the hairpiece the first week, since some of the patients that do this have slightly poorer growth for unknown reasons. In the "after" photos, he is not wearing the hairpiece.

Mike Beehner, M.D.




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Thanks for posting Dr.Beehner and the results seem great!


It would be nice to know the graft breakdown for each case and total number of grafts transplanted.


It would also be great to see some more angles of the hair transplant i.e the crown, sides and donor scar.


Again, seems like a great result but with some clarity would seem even better.

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