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Huge improvement switching to Aindeem

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Hi all


Been a while!


Quick summary of me:


I had crown loss and massively receded hairline. Feller sorted hairline out in 2012 (still doing great) and minox/propecia/avodart has kept further crown loss at bay. I've always used concealer on the crown. Crown might have possibly got a little worse over the last 5 years but nothing major.


Since switching to Aindeem from Proscar a couple of months ago my crown loss area has shrunk rapidly. Still needed some concealer (it isn't going to work miracles) but nowhere near as much. Very impressed with the results so far.


Whether this is due to the daily 1mg or not I don't know. Just wanted to let you all know in case anyone was thinking of switching or trying something different if you're losing ground or have plateau'd.


I couldn't afford to buy avodart as well as my aindeem order, I like to have cycles where I take that regularly to boost my results and then stop taking it for a number of months so I don't get resistant. If things stay like this I won't need to get avodart again.


I got my aindeem from pharacydirectGB (no affiliation). Have to pay a prescription fee so it is a little costly but it's been worth it so far.


I realise this sounds like a sales pitch but I'm just another hair loss brother checking in to report some good results!

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For full transparency.......this gave me bad side effects. I realised it last year and went back to Propecia....things improved but not like before.

Recently I've cut my remaining Aindeem's in half to use up what I have left and the sides are back with a vengeance. 

I have no idea what's so different about Aindeem but it hasn't been kind to me at all. 

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No idea.

I had been on Propecia for 6 years, Proscar for around 2 years and then hadn't taken any for a few months and I dove into Aindeem 1mg daily for about 3 months and my hair was great.

All I can tell you is I am fine with Propecia and Proscar but this Aindeem stuff continues to cause problems. 

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On 9/16/2020 at 5:22 AM, TommyLucchese said:

All I can tell you is I am fine with Propecia and Proscar but this Aindeem stuff continues to cause problems. 

Weird, wonder if you were using bad/expired batches of Proscar, and it almost sounds like the Aindeem may have more than 1mg finasteride, or some other ingredients they aren't disclosing. Have you researched the pharmaceutical company that makes it at all? like do they make any other off-patent generics, where their actual production facilities are, anything bad in the news about them, etc.

I'd ping Melvin about editing the thread topic title to include the caveat that you get bad sides, or just make it something completely different like a warning about Aindeem in case someone just reads the topic title or the first post and runs off to go buy some.

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