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hey all-


I'm a Norwood 4 inching towards a 5 with an average donor.


I am booked to get 2000 FUE grafts very soon. This will be my first ever procedure and will address my hairline and mid-scalp. I am 100% confident in my choice of surgeon.


I didn't want to do strip because of the scarring so I am going down the FUE road, but I have some questions.


- if I do 2000 FUE now, then another 2000 FUE in a year or two, will those 4000 FUE grafts achieve the same result as a single FUT procedure of equal graft number?


- in the hands of a great surgeon, will my donor area be visibly thinner once I extract 4000 FUE grafts from It?

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Congratulations on choosing a surgeon and a date for your surgery! It's a big step to take and I'm glad you have confidence in the choice you made.


The result should be the same, regardless of whether you choose FUE or FUT. The difference in yield (successful growth of transplanted follicles) is spoken of a lot, but in reality, the best surgeons are achieving near parity between the two procedure types.


It's impossible to say if your donor area will look visibly thinner after the two procedures are complete. I can't see your hair and can only speak in general terms. There is an uncanny ability for the donor area to be depleted through FUE without anything being noticeable. The extractions are spread out, the hairs that remain cover the spaces. Ultimately, there could be some trade-off in terms of what you gain on top and what you lose at the back and sides. For the typical patient, it is worth it.

I am a patient and representative of Dr Rahal.


My FUE Procedure With Dr Rahal - Awesome Hairline Result


I can be contacted for advice: matt@rahalhairline.com

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