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Ultrasonic FUE - Latest Breakthrough in Hair Transplant Technology by Dr. U

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Those interested in the latest advancements in hair transplant may be excited to learn that Dr. Umar (aka Dr. U) has performed the world’s first ultrasonic FUE hair transplant on afro-textured hair. This history-making debut can be seen in the surgical demonstration below:



Dr. Umar is keenly aware of the need to advance hair transplant tools for all patients, especially those considered to be challenging due to hair type/skin texture. Often, patients with tightly-curled, afro-textured hair experience unsatisfactory results from FUE hair transplants due to the inability of conventional rotary punches to navigate the severe angles of the curled follicles and overcome tough dermis and strong attachment of the follicle to the deep skin. He previously pioneered the manual Dr.UPunch Curl™ to overcome obstacles in afro-textured hair with its sharp, two-pronged, curved punch tip operated via manual plunging motion. A comparative study documenting 18 patient cases published in the PRS Global Open found this non-rotary device to be 100% successful where others extraction tools had failed. However, Dr. Umar knew that there is always room for improvement.


This improvement is the addition of ultrasound. Dr. U harnesses the energy of ultrasonic waves to vibrate the Dr.UPunch Curl™ at a frequency suited to the particular patient's tissue profile. This enables the easier extraction of hair follicles which are tightly curled under the skin and which have stronger attachments to the surrounding tissue.


You can find more details about this procedure here.

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Representing Dr. Umar of DermHair Clinic.


Dr. Umar is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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