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Dr. Kapil Dua

Female Hair Transplant Result - 1250 Grafts/ 8 Months

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A 34 year old lady presented to us with hair loss for the past 7 years. She had taken all medicines and now wanted a hair transplant to be done. She chose Bio FUE and we transplanted 1250 grafts. The surgery was uneventful and the patient is happy with the results 8 months post surgery....
















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Dr. Dua,


I always love seeing female patients because they are more rare than the usual male patients we see multiple times a day. However, I must admit that the results look way too good on this female for only 1250 grafts and so much hair loss. Is this patient using any kind of concealer to make their hair look thicker?


While I have confidence in your ability to provide state of the art hair transplant results, there’s only so much surgeons can do with the small number of grafts on a very bald head. Considering how much hair loss this woman seems to have in the before pictures and how thick it looks after, it really appears that this woman has had more than 1250 grafts.


Can you explain a little more why it appears that she has a lot more hair than what was transplanted in a single procedure?


Best wishes



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I’m with Bill on this one. What fabulous results with only 1,250 grafts and after only 8 months. Based on the photos her hair seems to be quite long now. If her transplanted grafts started growing around the 3rd or 4th month and with a typical growth rate of about a half inch per month her new hairs would have only grown a couple inches. it appears that her hair is very long already. I’m sure there may be a good explanation and it may just be the photographic angles and lighting that makes the hair to appear longer. I’m sure your patient is very thrilled. Congratulations Dr. Dua.

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