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Combo: Temple Point FUE & Hair System?

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I'm very curious if anyone has combined an FUE Temple Points Hair Transplant with one of the hair systems and wouldn't mind sharing results


From an optimization stand point, it would appear that this would give the "best looking" results from an aesthetic/density stand point. One of the dead giveaways of a hair system is if the hairline looks fairly strong/dense but the temple points are fairly receded. By choosing the FUE method, one also eliminates the strip scar and could go down to a guard 0/1 if they so choose.


This is in line with what Spanker has said in other threads - Hair Systems/Transplants aren't undetectable, but a good transplant/system isnt a dead giveaway. To the trained eye, such as the eyes that view this forum quite often, we can spot things such as plugginess, tape, scars, etc.


Has anyone actually gone with this plan of attack? To my mind, combined with Fin treatment (to prevent further recession of temples or retrograde alopecia), this could be one of the best methods for people to treat hair loss. Of course, someone would have to be comfortable with the maintenance that comes with a system

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I recall Dr. Konior posting a case here of a patient who wanted just a new hairline transplanted in front of his hair system. I don't recall whether any work was needed or done to the patient's temples or temple points, though.

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