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Natural hair loss treatments?

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Hey everyone

I’m wondering if there is anyone that has seen any improvement in their hair after changing their diet? I know that eating more protein, iron, fatty acids and biotin is meant to improve hair growth and thinning, so I’m wondering if anyone here has seen results from adding more of this into their food?

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I don't have scientific evidence to support this, but I will say that when I'm getting enough rest, eating super clean, drinking enough water, and generally taking better care of myself, I do notice a difference in my overall appearance (skin, hair, etc.). Gimme a couple busy weeks where I'm not as on top of these things as I normally am (and throw in a few nights out drinking with my friends), and I see those things start to change quite significantly.

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The herbal and natural treatment of hair loss is always can really make your hair fresh and healthy and prevent from hair loss


If I eat better will YOU go away?

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